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10 Things Your Baby Wants You to Know

  • 10 Things Your Baby Wants You to Know is a short video giving parents a glimpse into what a child needs from their caregivers, through the child’s eyes. Since creating 10 Things Your Baby Wants You to Know, we have expanded the project into a variety of different ideas. Such as; 10 Things Your Foster Child Wants You to Know, and 10 Things Your Teenager Wants You to Know. For more information on our 10 Things project, please visit Products.

Turning into Toddlers – Going to the Store

  • Going to the Store is a short clip from our Turning into Toddlers DVD.  Turning into Toddlers DVD consists of three parts; Dr. Martin describes Circle of Security; Ten scenes which illustrate Circle of Security parenting in everyday interactions between toddlers and caregivers; and ideas that can be generated from the discussion evoked by the questions from part one of the video. In this specific clip the audience is shown the toddler and the caregivers interaction in a store, in their perspective, and how to guide the child based on Circle of Security concepts. For more information regarding Turning into Toddlers DVD, please visit Products.

Listening to Baby – Comforting Baby

  • Comforting Baby is a short clip from our Listening to Baby DVD. Listening to Baby DVD is an interactive DVD about the importance of supporting attachment by noticing, understanding, and responding to babies’ cues. The Listening to Baby DVD consists of three parts: The importance of a parent-child attachment relationship is discussed and how parents’ and caregivers’ can appropriately respond to babies; Scenes of real-life interactions between babies and parents show many different, subtle cues babies give to caregivers; and two interviews, one with a doctor and one with a therapist, who provide an introduction to attachment theory and a discussion on intervention approaches. In this short clip from the DVD the audience is shown a mothers sensitive response to her babies crying. For more information regarding our Listening to Baby DVD, please visit Products. 


For more video clips from our Turning into Toddlers and Listening to Baby DVD’s, please visit our Youtube page.

Core Teen 

  • Core Teen in collaboration with Spaulding for Children created a comprehensive set of videos discussing the importance of parents and caregivers ability to regulate their own emotions when responding to children’s needs and behaviours; Adolescent behaviour through a trauma informed lens; Parental adaptation in meeting the needs of adolescents in care; The impact of stress and trauma on the developing brain; The healing power of relationship development; and adolescent sexual orientation, gender, identity, and expression.

Understanding Regulation

  • Dr. Bruce Perry and the Neurosequential Network developed a series of videos discussing the neurological functioning of the brain in relation to stress and trauma. The following brief video is number five in the series and discusses the basics of regulation, the importance of it and the bottom up approach.