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Our vision: 


A child’s secure attachment to at least one caregiver is the foundation of healthy human development. For this reason, the importance of attachment should be understood and seen as an integral part of being human.



Public Awareness Committee

This committee works to spread best practice knowledge of attachment information to parents, caregivers and professionals in our community, through the use of multi-media approaches.

Web and Social Media Committee

This committee works to develop and update the content of our website and social media outlets. Through these mediums we share attachment related articles, videos and resources.

Conference Planning Committee

The network endeavors to host a conference on an annual basis. This committee is responsible for planning, organizing and managing all matters related to the conference. Membership of the committee often changes from one conference to another. If you have a special interest in a conference topic or becoming involved with this committee please contact us.

Corporate Development Committee

We are exploring ways to generate funding for public awareness initiatives, which may involve pitching ideas to the corporate community.

Board Members

Joanne Brown

Joanne is a Clinical Social Worker at New Directions Family Therapy Services, and has been in the field over 30 years.  She is trained to facilitate Circle of Security groups; is a reliable coder in the Strange Situation assessment; and has trained in Dyadic Developmental Intervention Psychotherapy, Theraplay, Modified Interaction Guidance and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  She is a founding member of the Attachment Network of Manitoba, and offers attachment based workshops.

Leslie Johnston

Leslie is semi-retired after spending 35 years as a Social Worker and supervisor in the Child Welfare system.  She is currently working part-time for the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre.   After many frustrating years working in the CFS system, her introduction to attachment principles opened the door to a better way to help foster parents support the children in their care.  It also caused her to understand that the world would be a better place if parents and professionals could be helped to understand the importance of secure attachment.

Lisa Dveris

Lisa is an MSW Clinical Social Worker.  She has been a practicing social worker for over 30 years.  She has worked in a variety of settings providing clinical services in community mental health and trauma at Klinic Community Health Centre,  coordinated an outpatient sexual abuse program at Knowles Centre and School Social Work services in Seven Oaks school division where she was the Social Work team leader/clinician for 21 years before retiring in 2016.  She currently works out of her private practice, which she has had since 1993, and uses a variety of treatment/therapeutic interventions informed by neuroscience.  She uses an “attachment lens” in all of her work and has been a proud member of the Attachment Network since 2012.

Jan Ranson

Jan currently works for the Department of Families in the Early Learning and Child Care Program. She started her career as an Early Years Teacher with Frontier School Division; first in Red Sucker Lake and then in Falcon Lake. She eventually ventured into Early Learning and Child Care, working as the Executive Director of Peek-A-Boo Infant Child Care for 26 years. It was always important to stay connected with the children so the beginning and end of each day was spent working directly with a group of her own. She is trained as a Circle of Security facilitator as well as a master trainer in Make the Connection. She joined the Attachment Network to learn from others and to be part of a group that advocates, educates and shares her belief in the importance of Relationships across the life span.

Rosanne Papadopoulos

Rosanne is the owner of Discoveries in Therapy and has been an occupational therapist since 1987.  Her intense curiosity of the brain has driven her professional journey. As an occupational therapist, she generally works with children and families, using “bottom up” and sensory processing approaches.  She is trained to deliver a variety of therapies including Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) ®, Integrated Listening Systems ® (listening therapy), the Safe and Sound Protocol (vagal nerve stimulation), Rhythmic Movement Therapy® (reflex integration), and Bal a Vis X ® (rhythmic balance, auditory, visual exercises).  She joined the Attachment Network of Manitoba to promote a greater understanding of the power of relationships which are the foundation of all development, growth and healing.

Kathleen McDonald

Kathleen (aka Katie) has worked with children and youth in various roles since 2004. She currently works as a Clinical Social Worker. She has a few degrees, including a Master’s of Social Work and is a Registered Social Worker (RSW).

Some of her favorite things are reading, traveling and being with loved ones. She believes it is important to work with people through building relationships, having a foundation of trust, security and safety. She has been a member of the Attachment Network board since 2016.

Amber Kulczycki

Amber has a couple of master’s degrees, a cat, a kid, and a sense of humour. She has worked as a school psychologist in Winnipeg since 2010 and believes that our relationships – our connectedness – is what allows us to become independent, to develop a sense of purpose, and to feel like we belong.  Amber enjoys experiencing connectedness through public speaking, collaboration, and talking to strangers. Her interest in relationships has led to facilitator training in Circle of Security, and more recently, to joining the Attachment Network of Manitoba as a board member.

Lorie Harder

Lorie has worked as a nurse in the community educating parents and staff, collaborating with interdisciplinary service providers, and primarily as a Public Health Nurse since 1990. The majority of that time she has been passionate about attachment and in supportive roles to empower families.  Her work in Families First has been providing reflective practise with staff visiting directly with families. Her vision is to see communities that thrive with families who are securely connected with one another and within a network of social supports. Families that feel strong, interact wisely and radiate kindness is one of her goals. Education in circle of security, theraplay and other attachment-focused speakers have fueled this quest. It is a privilege to be on the Attachment Network board to be a representative of health and a rural voice for a provincial dream to support attachment awareness across the lifespan.

Carmella Birori

Carmella is trained as an attachment-based, trauma-informed Clinical Social Worker (MSW) with over a decade of experience working with individuals and families in a variety of contexts and systems, to include: public health, education, hospital, recreation, and child welfare. When she began her career in public health she was first introduced to the idea of emotional security and attachment and began seeing the importance of relational holding and secure development in her work. Both professionally and personally, Carmella believes we are hard-wired for connection and that relationships are the basis to understand the human experience. She is trained in Circle of Security and Connect Parenting and currently works in private practice.

The Attachment Network of Manitoba is a registered Canadian charity. Registered Charitable Number: 83531 8494 RR 0001