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Who we are? Read Our Story

Our vision: 


A child’s secure attachment to at least one caregiver is the foundation of healthy human development. For this reason, the importance of attachment should be understood and seen as an integral part of being human.



Public Awareness Committee

This committee works to spread best practice knowledge of attachment information to parents, caregivers and professionals in our community, through the use of multi-media approaches.

Web and Social Media Committee

This committee works to develop and update the content of our website and social media outlets. Through these mediums we share attachment related articles, videos and resources.

Conference Planning Committee

The network endeavors to host a conference on an annual basis. This committee is responsible for planning, organizing and managing all matters related to the conference. Membership of the committee often changes from one conference to another. If you have a special interest in a conference topic or becoming involved with this committee please contact us.

Corporate Development Committee

We are exploring ways to generate funding for public awareness initiatives, which may involve pitching ideas to the corporate community.

The Attachment Network of Manitoba is a registered Canadian charity. Registered Charitable Number: 83531 8494 RR 0001