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Attachment Network of Manitoba By-Laws May 2017

The Attachment Network of Manitoba meets three times a year and is comprised of representatives from health and social service agencies interested in promoting and enhancing secure attachment across the life span by sharing knowledge of best practices, promoting attachment based interventions, and by fostering a coordinated approach of attachment based services, training and research within the province of Manitoba. The Network aims to host an annual conference on attachment for practitioners, to fund initiatives that will further the capacity of practitioners using attachment based interventions, and to provide access to speakers.

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Vision Statement

A child’s secure attachment to a primary caregiver is the foundation of healthy human development. For this reason, the importance of attachment should be understood and seen as an integral part of being human.

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This multi-organizational network actively embraces the principles of attachment theory and offers opportunities to integrate best practices for enhancing secure attachment across the life span. Its activities include education, dissemination of information, and promotion of research, networking, and advocacy.

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Overview Statement

The Board of Directors will ensure the growth and development of the Network while staying true to its mission.

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The general membership shall be open to any and all people interested in attachment related issues. Voting members will be allowed to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to stand for election to the Board of Directors.

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Board of Directors


A Director must be a voting member of the Network and will be elected at the AGM. The maximum number of Directors is twelve (12). The positions of Board members are two (2) year terms.

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Nominations and Elections

The board of directors will act as a nominating committee and will accept all applications for the board prior to the April board meeting and propose any successful candidates based on majority vote to the membership no later than 7 days prior to the AGM. A successful candidate must receive 50% plus 1 vote at the AGM. Those in attendance may vote. Voting will be by show of hands. Elections and votes on by-laws will take place at the AGM. The secretary shall make available to the registered voters any matter for voting no less than 7 days prior to the AGM Those unable to attend the AGM may vote electronically to the secretary no later than noon on the date of the AGM. The election and voting process will be conducted by the Chairperson. The Chairperson will be handed the tally of electronic votes by the Secretary and will tabulate results and announce results at the AGM. The Chairperson will then formally welcome any new members to the Board. Anyone whose email address is registered with the website www.attachmentnetwork.ca or who attends the AGM, is eligible to vote at the AGM.

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Roles & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Report on ongoing activities and finances to Network members at regularly scheduled meetings held at least 3 times a year.

Facilitate opportunities for members to express interest, requests, and needs through the Network meetings.

Plan activities giving consideration to members’ interests, requests, and needs.

Act as Network representatives when advocating and lobbying.

Develop and implement strategies and events that are reflective of the vision and mission of the Network and its members.

Individual Directors may act as Network spokesperson.

All Directors will safe guard the reputation and values of the Network.

Attendance policy for the Board: Members must notify the Chairperson that they will be unable to attend a meeting of the Board. Should there be three absences without regrets, the Board will assume the member is no longer able to serve and they will cease to be a Board member. Conflict of Interest for Board Members: In the event that a decision by the Board may benefit a Board member, that member must recuse themselves from any voting on the matter.

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  • Stay informed of recent developments in the attachment field.
  • Plan conferences.
  • Select conference topics and speakers.
  • Make financial decisions and approve quarterly financial reports by the Treasurer
  • Report on activities and finances to funders.
  • Create focused ad hoc committees led by at least one Director. Committee representatives are to report back to Directors and Network Members
  • Connect agencies (public & private) and community service providers with access to expert level knowledge.
  • Lobby for attachment-based services.
  • Liaise with experts in the attachment field.

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Meetings shall be held regularly:

Network: 3 times per year

Directors’: as required, but no less than 5 times per year. A quorum of 50%plus 1 is required for any votes in Directors’ meetings.

Director must be a voting member of the Network and will be elected at the AGM. The maximum number of directors is twelve (12). The positions of the Board members are two (2) year terms.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on the 3rd Thursday of May each year. General and voting members may attend.

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Chairperson or Co-Chairs

As Chairperson of the Board of Directors, this person will take the lead in the affairs of the Network. The Chairperson’s duties will include:Creating a positive working atmosphere at Executive meetings.

Presiding over all meetings (Board, Network and AGM).

Delegating to other Directors the arrangements for the meeting place and necessary details, and monitoring this process to ensure these tasks are done satisfactorily.

Consulting with the secretary, other committee leads to prepare the agenda prior to the meeting.

Requesting that the Vice Chair assume chairmanship of the meeting if unable to attend.

Representing the Network when dealing with funders.

Ensuring that the most qualified and effective individuals are appointed to the sub/ad hoc committees.

Acting as signing officer for the Network.

Performing ceremonial duties at Network social functions.

Casting the deciding vote in case of a tie. (It is not advisable to give opinions while in Chair)

Managing meetings by:Assigning the floor to one speaker at a time;

Coordinating discussion and assuring that the discussion stays on the topic under consideration;

Providing and/or summarizing facts and details as necessary; and

Stating clearly every motion before the vote is taken, announcing the results of the vote.

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Where there is only one Chairperson, a Vice-Chair will be appointed by the board and will learn the duties of the Chairperson. The duties of the Vice-Chair will include:Acting as Chairperson when Chair person is absent or when called to chair.

Assist the Chairperson whenever possible.

Filling in for the Chairperson when at events as required.

Acting as signing officer for the Network.

Secretarial duties may rotate among members of the board and will include:

Recording minutes and decisions at all Board and Network meetings

Distributing Board minutes to Directors.

Distributing Network minutes to Network members.

Maintaining a current membership list.

Taking charge and ensuring safety of the minute book, correspondence and other records belonging to the Network.

Presiding over meetings when Chair and Vice-Chair are absent, and appointing minute taker.

At each meeting, reading previous meeting minutes.

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The Treasurer’s duties will include:Communicating financial information to Board

Presenting financial reports to Network members at Network meetings.

Tracking approved financial decisions.

Keeping accurate and current records of revenues and approved expenses Authorizing release of funds to pay for expenses approved by the Board.

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Newsletter Committee

The duties of the Newsletter Committee will include:

NewsletterSoliciting submissions from the membership

contacting agencies to be featured in the “Putting it into Practice” section

writing and gathering information for other newsletter features such as upcoming events and resources of interest

editing articles contributed to the newsletter

inputting and formatting the content

presenting it to the executive for review

distribution (as decided by the committee)

Website/Social MediaAll proposed website and social media content must be vetting through the vetting committee

If approved, a member of the vetting committee will forward the content to: the website manager, and the member(s) responsible for updating social media platforms.

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Ad Hoc Committee Leads

The duties of the Committee Leads will include:Organizing and presiding over meetings

Generating and assigning tasks

Ensuring meeting minutes are taken and archived by submitting them to the Secretary upon completion of the project.

Reporting activities to the Board

Any needs for release of funds must be approved by the Board

All financial activities must be reported to the Board on an ongoing basis.

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Financial Policy

The fiscal year will be April 1 to March 31 of each year. The budget will be submitted by the Treasurer to the Board at a meeting prior to the AGM. The treasurer and chairperson have cheque signing authorities. A financial review or audit will be performed annually prior to the AGM as per rules outlined in Incorporation guidelines.

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In the event that the Attachment Network of Manitoba is no longer able to exist, the Board has the authority to disband the Network with a 3/4 majority vote. All tangible assets must be liquidated, all debts paid and all assets may then be donated to a project determined by the Board at that meeting. The chairperson will then issue a statement with an accompanying financial report to all voting members advising them of the matter.

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