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Various children’s and adult books for parents, caregivers, and professionals.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”

– Unknown

Children’s Books

Books About Feelings


Books about Fear    


Books about Trauma


Books about Diversity


For more ideas on great children’s books please visit Zerotothree.org.

Adult Books


Hold on to Your Kids by Gabor Mate and Gordon Neufeld

Parenting from the Inside Out by Dan Siegel

The Whole-Brain Child by Dan Siegel


Born for Love by Bruce Perry

The Boy who was Raised as a Dog by Bruce Perry

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate


When the Body says No by Gabor Mate

Scattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder by Gabor Mate

Raising a Secure Child by Kent Hoffman, Bert Powell, Glen Cooper

Circle of Security Intervention by Kent Hoffman, Bert Powell, Glen Cooper


Peaceful Parent, Happy kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting by Dr. Laura Markham

Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children by Dan Huges

Attachment Focused Family Therapy by Dan Hughes

Attachment Family Therapy Workbook by Dan Hughes

Healing Relational Trauma with Attachment Focused Interventions by Dan Hughes

The Neurobiology of Attachment Focused Therapy: Enhancing Connection and Trust in the Treatment of Children and Adolescents by Dan Hughes


Brain-Based Parenting: The Neuroscience of Caregiving for Healthy Attachment by Dan Hughes


Attachment Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children by Dan Hughes

Creating Loving Attachment: Parenting with PACE to Nurture Confidence and Security in the Troubled Child by Dan Hughes

Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

Out of Control: Why Disciplining Your Child Doesn’t Work and What Will by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Positive Parenting- An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes 

Gentle Discipline by Sarah Ockwell-Smith