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Listening to Baby DVD

Supporting attachment through understanding babies’ signals. Listening to Baby is an interactive DVD about the importance of supporting attachment by noticing, understanding, and responding with sensitivity to babies’ cues. This DVD is a rich and multifaceted teaching tool developed primarily for a parent audience but with potential to be used in education and other settings. Messages are told mostly in the voices of parents and illustrated by beautiful images of their babies, from 2 weeks to 16 months of age connecting to their parents in the ‘dance’ of communication. The Listening to Baby DVD consists of three parts: The program emphasizes the importance of the parent-child attachment relationship using the voices of real parents describing the importance of parents’ and caregivers’ appropriate responses to babies’ attempts to form relationships. Scenes of real-life, short interactions between babies and parents show many different, subtle cues babies give to caregivers. Crafted as a teaching tool, each scene is followed by discussion questions and then re-played but this time with a child’s voice ‘speaking’ for the baby followed by a short narration. Two interviews, one with a doctor and one with a therapist, provide an introduction to attachment theory and a discussion of intervention approaches. This is followed by clips from a simulated session with a parent and toddler, using a therapeutic attachment intervention technique called Modified Interaction Guidance.

Tuning into Toddlers DVD

Our new DVD on parenting toddlers and building their emotional regulation.

Part 1

The Program. Dr. Robert Marvin describes the Circle of Security. His presentation is divided into three parts, separated by questions to facilitate discussion about what was presented.

Part 2

Ten Scenes apply and illustrate Circle of Security parenting in gentle, everyday interactions between toddlers and their parents, followed by a brief narration. Through the narrator and voice-overs of children’s voices, insight is offered into the thoughts and feelings of the parents and the toddlers throughout the scenes. At the end of each scene there are questions that can be used for group discussion.

Part 3

A user manual includes ideas that can be generated from the discussion evoked by the questions. Funding for this project was gratefully received from the Winnipeg Foundation and the Children’s Hospital Foundation.


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