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On April 30, 2020, we will host a unique day of conversation inviting participants to shift the way they view addiction. Although society has begun to dispel myths and discard moral judgements of people suffering in addiction, our typical approach has not truly served to support healing and the empowerment to break free. Varying sectors of society have begun to suspect that the roots of addiction lie in unresolved trauma and disconnection. We believe it’s no coincidence that addiction is more widespread as we have become increasingly disconnected from face to face interaction with family, friends and community.

In our quest to host a range of participants, including those with lived experience often facing financial challenges, we are hoping larger organizations can also appreciate how costly an event such as this is, for a small not for profit organization. Any contribution you provide will be appreciated. Donation options could be by funding someone to attend, include pricing, or by donating to offset costs. Upon your contribution, we request a j.peg of your logo to be placed on a banner for attendees to see. Your name and/or company name will be read twice to the 300 we hope to have in attendance. We know addiction impacts many individuals, families and sectors of society, so we hope you will join us in raising awareness of our collective ability to enhance our province’s resilience through awareness, advocacy and networking around the topic of addiction.

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